Friday, October 22, 2010

Polaroid #1: Minneapolis, MN, 1980

This is the first of what will hopefully be a lengthy series. Each Polaroid will have a location + date, a song to go along with it (in the case of this one "Hey Nineteen" by Steely Dan), and a short story or prose to explain the photograph (I haven't written any for this one yet). I am obsessed with the idea of tiny fragments of America's past being captured in a photograph, and given the instantaneous nature of Polaroids, I believe that people are more apt to take photos with an off the cuff attitude. Every precaution will be taken to maintain the historical integrity of these and prevent any anachronisms. For example, this photo's legit because the record "Hey Nineteen" is on (Gaucho) was released on 11/21/1980 and this photo is from 12/6/1980. Also, the caption at the bottom of each one will be written by a different person each time to give every photo a unique feel. I wrote this one, I don't know who will do the next one.

Some side notes: I almost fucked this one up, I thought it would be "kind of a fun idea" to try using pen and ink, of which I have next to no practice using, to color the outline of the girl's body. Halfway through I smudged some of it and had to fix it and after that decided to use Micron pen for the rest. You can't really tell the difference and it still achieved the effect I wanted. My favorite thing about this one is either the pattern on her bra which I think came out really well (it's leopard print if you can't see in the picture, need to get a scanner...), or the pack of cigarettes on the table (Camel Lights, soft pack).

Andrew Derochie is doing a similar thing with real photos over at his blog, you should all check it out, he helped me cook up the concept for this whole project.

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