Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Martians and Ghosts

Just finished this tonight, it was kind of a pain in the ass, but I like how it turned out. I am really excited for this show. Out of all the bands that Frustrations have played with in our six years of existence, TV Ghost is damn near the top for me. I definitely recommend attending. The alien is based on descriptions of the Flatwoods Monster sighting in 1952. Too bad it was probably a misidentified barn owl, but it's fun to imagine though isn't it?

In other news, my previously mentioned multi-part essay on the downfall of the Royal Oak Oberweis store is on a indefinite hiatus. It turns out that the place has remained open which kind of ruins my entire "rise to fall" angle. I would still like to pursue it, perhaps at a later date. I am also in the process of reviewing photos from a project I did in the summer of 2009 and will hopefully be able to post those soon.

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