Tuesday, May 3, 2011

End of the Semester

First semester at CCS is complete. I had my review earlier today which was a real fucking headache. I like this school, but it is weird sometimes. People ask for one thing and then expect a contrary result. It also seems like they think everyone that goes here wants to get some huge career making six figures upon graduation when all I want is to not have to eat frozen pizzas every night which I would probably just do anyway. Here are some recent pieces:

This was a "movement montage" for Design I. This was my favorite project we did all semester and I really like how it turned out, especially considering I had hardly any time to work on it. Everyone thought it was creepy. I submitted it for the end of the year show, but it did not get in (my line project from the beginning of the semester did, still need to snap a photo).

This was my Design I final. We had to pick a contemporary artist, choose three of their works, and then base our own original design off of their style. I chose Zak Smith. I played it safe all semester and decided to do something challenging. Drawing the human figure accurately is tricky and I was out of practice. It's decent I guess.

I finally finished this thing, although I still might do a few touch-ups. It was a blast to finally break out some acrylics I had been sitting on for a long time. I also used some very, very old watercolors and acrylics of my grandmother's that have to be from the late 70's or early 80's. A lot of them were rock solid and some of the caps were stuck so tight I had to use pliers to twist them off. This girl is based off the girl in the video for "Tonight She Comes" by The Cars.

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