Monday, September 5, 2011

End of Summer

I start back up at CCS tomorrow. I feel like kind of a piece of shit that I don't have more work to show from this summer. Between the girl I posted in the last entry (still in progress) and the Frustrations art, I wanted to do a zine which has been constantly delayed due to no inspiration and a busy schedule. It's not like I was being lazy, I spent the first half of the summer in school at OCC and desperately searching for a job. I then spent the middle of the summer working at my new job and then going on tour and then coming back to work almost everyday because of the back to school shopping madness. School always ups my productivity and I am excited for my classes, Printmaking is the first thing tomorrow. I am sure a new semester at CCS will bring more headaches and ridiculous tales.

Here is the Frustrations art!

Front cover was done with Scott, Colin, and myself together. We all did the layout, Colin did the lettering, and Chris Michael took the photo in his garage. The resemblance to the cover of N.W.A.'s "Straight Outta Compton" wasn't noticed until afterwards.

The back cover was done by me. I used a combination of watercolors for the nastiness and brown ink for the spider vein type things. The lettering was done with Micron pen. The two arms behind the tracklist were pieces from my box of collage things and I thought they would add some interest. It was then thrown into Photoshop and messed with a bit. It's rare that I am really proud about something I did, but I think this perfectly exhibits the controlled scuminess that Frustrations is all about.

It looks good in real life too!

Here are some sketches for something I am planning involving women's legs. Maybe it will be done before Christmas, hahahaha! Can you even see them?!

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