Tuesday, November 22, 2011


LinkI just realized I never posted any of my work from the Book Arts class I took, so here is what I made:

This first one is based on a poem called "The Weed" by Elizabeth Bishop. I particularly enjoyed making this one because I had free reign to do pretty much whatever I wanted so I decided to do some simple illustrations.

This one is a blank journal/sketchbook and was the final project. It came out perfect besides a small tear on the inside of the back cover.

This was a stiff-leaf binding which I fucked up that was based on the class doing collaborative ink and paint drawings.

This was a collage based pamphlet book. I love collage and this one turned out great although the gluing could have been cleaner. It sort of became this free-form/poetic/dreamy/narrative thing. My favorite page, which is featured below, used a girl and text from this early 60's Coke advertisement I found in one of the classroom's magazines. I love that old 1960's type.

I am currently taking Basic Camera and Lighting as my last M&P class and one of my last classes at CCS in general. I have already learned a lot after one session so the pictures of everything I post here will probably get much better. Got officially accepted to Wayne and will be registering for classes very soon. Excited!

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  1. Yeah, taking still photos of books and records and stuff with a flash (instead of natural light) can be a pain in the ass..