Thursday, January 19, 2012

Photo Time

Much has happened since my last post. I finished up at CCS and dealt with the unbelievable headache of transferring to Wayne State, but now that I'm settled in everything is great. One of my last classes at CCS was Basic Camera and Lighting so this post will be photograph oriented. Overall, a very satisfying class. It's awesome to actually know how to work a camera properly now:

Detroit has some wonderful old streetlights. On my last morning at CCS after my last class, I decided to go out and shoot some. The black one is on Brush next to CCS and the other two are in Woodbridge. After some research I found that most of these are pushing 100 years old, the white ones being from 1916. It's both pretty cool that these are still standing in the condition they are after being through almost 100 Michigan winters/summers and also a sad reminder of Detroit's sorely outdated infrastructure. Of course none of them still work, but most of the brand new streetlights don't work either so that's okay. I especially love the crazy ornate designs on the white ones. Newer take-offs on the old lights, that do work, can be seen up and down Woodward in Midtown and in Boston-Edison. It would be great if the city could eventually fix the old ones up, for me they give Detroit a big part of its character. Chicago is well known for all its orange streetlights, how cool would it be if these were fully restored?

I took advantage of some of the unseasonably warm winter weather we've been having up until recently and shot at some Royal Oak parks. Mostly just practicing with shutter speed, f/stop, and composition. I really like creepy looking trees and shot the ones below mainly so I could use the patterns the twisting branches make in a future silkscreen or something.

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