Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Marvelous Clouds

One last update before leaving for tour on Thursday afternoon. The new Memory Blank CD-R, "VENUS/MARS" is complete! 40+ minutes of spaced out synthesizer drones and noise to provide a soundtrack for your summer vacation beyond our atmosphere. It didn't exactly come out as planned because like an idiot I forgot about the bleed for the insert, but whatever. I invested in getting these "keepers" instead of simply crappily stapling the paper insert together like I did for the first EP. All 25 discs are hand numbered, have a custom spray paint job, and will have a different fact about one of the planets inserted into it. For example, did you know that Mars has the largest dust storms in the Solar System, sometimes enveloping the entire planet? These will be available on the Frustrations tour for $4 each:

Also featured at the merch booth on this tour, will be the new Memory Blank cassette single on Gold Tapes, previously shown in the last post, and two tapes from another Detroit area cassette label Passed Loves. My friend and co-worker Dan has two tapes of harsh noise and experimental electronics under the names Young Wound and Supporting Roles. It's all great stuff and he did an impeccable job hand making all the tapes. And as always will be the usual slew of X! Records stuff in our crate. The zine which I was originally hoping to have done by the tour will be put on hold until after I get back home. I ran out of time and money and did not want to put out anything sub-par. Here are some in-progress pictures though:

And lastly, I got a couple of my books from the Fall 2011 semester into a show at the DC3 Accelerator gallery in New Center. My illustrated version of Elizabeth Bishop's "The Weed" and my collage book will be featured along with a lot of other cool stuff. It opens Wednesday 7/25 and runs through September. See you in three weeks!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Sucks

Since my semester at Wayne has ended, I've moved out of my parents' place to Ferndale with Sarah and Julie and took a couple of Summer classes at OCC. Moving, school, and work have taken up most of my time in addition to preparing for the upcoming Frustrations tour in less than two weeks but I've been trying to stay productive.

I made this for the Frustrations tour. We're making more of an effort to do some promotion ahead of time before we leave so I made this to send to radio stations/record stores/venues to get the word out. I only wished I would have had more time to work on the lettering for the tour dates. The trees are from some of the pictures I took back in December. Thanks to Sarah for the great photo of Julie!

I also collaborated with Zak of Gold Tapes to do this tape for Memory Blank. Go check out his stuff!

I am currently rushing to get art done for another new Memory Blank release as well as publishing a zine before we leave on July 26th. Everything is on schedule, but time is getting short. Stay cool, it's supposed to be 103 out today.